Systems, Synthetic, and Quantitative Biology Women's Group

Systems, Synthetic, and Quantitative Biology organzies a women in science group for graduate students. The group meets monthly and is student-lead. This serves as a mechanism for students to get to know the other women in the program better, and have a venue to have discussions on a variety of topics including:
•    Choosing a lab (how to value your own experience and priorities)
•    Interacting with your mentor (setting expectations and strategies)
•    Balancing work and family, and specifically what it is like to be pregnant and have a baby (or babies!) while working in the lab
•    Social and scientific interactions in the department (enjoying your colleagues, being comfortable voicing your opinions)
•    Social and scientific interactions in the science-world at large (giving talks, contacting people at other universities, interacting at conferences, Life beyond science.)


HGWISE is a graduate student organization dedicated to the personal, academic, and professional development of women in natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering at Harvard University. HGWISE aims to enhance the graduate experience for women in science and engineering at Harvard by providing opportunities for networking, professional development, and mentoring, as well as developing a meaningful community for women scientists.

HGWISE has several specific areas of concentration:
•    Mentoring opportunities
•    Recruitment of women and minorities
•    Career development
•    Community involvement
•    Alumnae relations
•    Parenting and family issues