2014 ACS Synthetic Biology Young Investigator Award

ACS Synthetic Biology is proud to announce that Dr. Peng Yin of the Harvard Medical School is the recipient of the 2014 ACS Synthetic Biology Young Investigator Award. This award recognizes the contributions of a scientist who has made a major impact on the field of synthetic biology early on in their career. The award will be presented on July 15, 2014, at the Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution & Design (SEED) conference in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Dr. Yin is an Assistant Professor of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School and a Core Faculty Member at Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. His research interests lie at the interface of information science, molecular engineering, and biology, his current focus being to engineer information directed self-assembly of nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) structures and devices, and to exploit such systems to do useful molecular work.

Dr. Yin's research has been recognized through several prestigious awards including a 2010 NIH Director's New Innovator Award, a 2011 NSF CAREER Award, a 2011 DARPA Young Faculty Award, a 2011 ONR Young Investigator Program Award, a 2013 NIH Director's Transformative Research Award and a 2013 NSF Expedition in Computing Award. He was also a Finalist for the 2014 Blavatnik National Award for Young Scientists. Learn more about Dr. Yin by visiting molecular-systems.net.

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