Schedule of Events

Thursday, November 12- Friday, November 13

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All times in EST


November 12

10:00 AM

Session 1

Moderator: Evi Van Itallie

10:00 AM


Opening remarks & Meet SSQBio Peer Supporters!

Tobyn, Delphine, & Danylo

10:05 AM


Elmer Rho

Engineering lentiviral vectors for site-directed gene insertion

10:25 AM


Suyang Wan

Towards high-throughput imaging-based single cell genotype-phenotype mapping platforms

10:45 AM


Daniel Eaton

Long Timelapse Imaging of Pooled Variant Libraries

11:05 AM


Break – 20 minutes 

11:25 AM

Session 2

Moderator: Tanush Jagdish

11:25 AM

Liz Perez

Initial Results in Dissecting Ewing Sarcoma by Single-Cell Genomics

11:45 AM


Erica Normandin

SARS-CoV-2 tropism, diversity, and circulation

12:05 PM

Jackson Nyman

Studying intratumoral heterogeneity in clear cell renal cell carcinoma using histopathology images

4:30 PM

Career Panel

Moderator: Becky Ward, Executive Director of the Systems Biology Department

Jagesh Shah, Vice President, Gene Therapy Technologies at Sana Biotechnology, inc.

Hallie Kuhn, Principal, Alexandria Venture Investments

Daniel Pomeroy, Executive Director, the Scientific Citizenship Initiative at Harvard Medical School

6:00 PM

Game night!

All students welcome! Peer supporters- Danylo, Delphine, and Tobyn will host

Friday, November 13


Session 3

Moderator: Hailey Cambra

12:00 PM


Lightning talks

G3s:  Qiu Wu, Delphine Tripp, Tal Scully, Mary Richardson, Anjali Nelliat, Danylo Lavrentovich, Tanush Jagdish, Sabina Haque, Goria Ha, Luis Gutierrez Lopez, Tobyn Branck

G2s: Emre Tkacik, Sharifa Sahai, Ellie Rand, Sid Raju, Bill Jia, Kailyn Doiron, Alan Amin

12:45 PM

Patrick Flynn

Role of Chromatin Bridges in Activating Innate Immune Signaling following Failed Mitosis

1:05 PM

Natalia Quinones

Expanding the world of plasmid dependent bacteriophages 

1:25 PM

Coffee break- 20 minutes

1:45 PM

1:45 PM

2:30 PM

Lightning talks

Moderator: Sabina Haque

G5s: Debra Van Egeren, David Jacobowitz

G6s: Luke Rast, Kate Shulgina

G7s: Gabriel Filsinger, David Ding

Presentation of two faculty awards for excellence in:

1) Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

2) Mentorship

5:00 PM

SSQBio Happy Hour Program trivia

Retreat closing