Meromit Singer
Assistant Professor

The Singer Lab centers on elucidating the function and underlying regulation of the immune component in tissue, focusing on cancer and autoimmunity. To this end my group designs and implements statistical and machine-learning frameworks for the analysis ofhigh-throughput data from mouse model s and patient cohorts, generated within our lab or by collaborators. In our work we iterate between study design, data generation, data analysis and experimental validation.




The questions the Singer Lab focuses on center on gaining a systems perspective of the immune system during homeostasis, cancer and autoimmunity. Specifically, we aim to elucidate (1) cell states that vary in function within a given system, along with the changes in abundance and transcription within populations that correlate with a condition of interest (e.g. a specific immunotherapy treatment), (2) the underlying regulatory circuitry that determines a cell’s state within the system, and (3) the mechanisms governing inter-dependencies across cell types and cell states in tissue (e.g. how can a change induced in T cells manifest in a decrease of tumor growth).