Angela DePace
Angela DePace
Associate Professor of Systems Biology

Harvard Medical School, Department of Systems Biology
Alpert Building, Room 513
200 Longwood Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617-432-7410

Lab Size: Between 5 and 10


Our long-term goal is to understand how regulatory DNA dictates transcriptional network behavior and, ultimately, organismal phenotype and evolution. Our approach is mechanistically motivated: we believe that understanding the molecular mechanisms that drive transcription will lead to models of gene regulation that can predict the functional consequences of regulatory sequence changes and guide production of new types of regulatory circuits.

The strength of our system lies in the breadth and depth of experimental, computational and theoretical approaches that are possible in Drosophila embryos. The nuclei in blastoderm embryos are in a monolayer at the surface, making it easy to image transcription quantitatively in both fixed and live tissue. All the players in the patterning network are known making it ideal for systems-level studies. We can also perturb the network using genetics, transgenesis and genome engineering. Finally, the availability of many genome sequences from related species and natural populations makes insects an outstanding clade for evolutionary studies. Combined, these tools allow us to go “soup to nuts” — from genotype to phenotype — at a level of detail that is impossible in other animal systems. The lessons we learn will be widely applicable to other animal systems including humans, as has historically been the case for research on Drosophila transcription.


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